My Journery in The World of Porcelain Art

My Journery in The World of Porcelain Art
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Favourite Subject - Portraits

This year I set up five portraits in 15 lessens;
-Start from monochrome portrait to understand light and shade,
-The second portrait is "Purple dream", a sexy beauty with a  gold metallic Iris and lustre background. This is a full colour portrait to understand how the silk dress floading on the body, and with the lustre marbling effect to support the design.
-The third one is a lady under black lace. To study how the lace flow from her head over her face, what colour will be under the black lace? one layer... two layer, and how the pattern changed. What material is good to show the texture of lace? look like and touch like.
-Dark skin tone and winkles for a aged woman always shows her story of life. The forth painting "Grandma" is not only introducing the painting techniques, also teaching how to compose a drama in the painting.
- The fifth portrait is painting a boy, a country boy and a goat. A pure, natual relationship between human and animal. Will this portrait bring you back to your childhood? This painting we don't have to put many different material in it, just simiply paints from your pallette. All you have to prepare is your mood.
- The last, and the most exciting one, is painting a man - Hugh Jackman. Sure you can paint him when fell in love with him. Yes, I do.

Monochrome Portrait

Purple Dream

Lady under Black Lace

Mordern Portrait and doodling design

Flower Drum

It is my brother

To Lai Leung, On Stage (framed round tile), Before Stage(Vase)

Australian Glory


Lady Butterfly

Lady of Fire

Winter Breeze

Sad Clown - Why me?

Expecting Moment

Dancing in the Water I

Dancing in the water III

Modern Portraits with Innovative Flowers

Painting Roses

Roses are always a favourite subject to most of china painters, but, to me, I am not good at painting roses. I have to push myself to painting roses. I tried many different styles, first tradition American style, soft painting, one firing....finally I found I can paint better with European roses.
Meissen Style Roses Vase     
                                           Meissen Style Roses plate

European Style Roses Box
European Red Roses Plate

Meissen Style Peony Roses plate

English Style Roses plate
Royal Worcester Style White Roses
One Fire Monochrome Roses Cake Plate


One Fired Quick Roses

White Roses - Palette Knife Painting